Team Men’s Genuine Leather Waterproof Work Boots

Overall these are great quality shoes. Te size runs big; so get half a size smaller at least. I usually wear 8.5/9, so I figured 8.5 would be good since it says runs big. It is still too big for me, so get something half a size smaller than anything you fit in. The shoes are really nice and heavy duty. They have a steel toe which is perfect for boots. You can do whatever…

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Sorliva Air Hammock

This air hammock is amazing. It is a whole new type of hammock. I have been on a few air hammocks and this one is different. Firstly, air hammocks are easy to fill up. You hold the end open and start running. It starts to fill up and you close the end when it’s enough for you. You then roll the end and clip it shut. It is then ready to use. I love that…

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