Dudios Bluetooth Headphones

Dudios have made an impressive pair of headphones. They are packaged very professionally and give you a good first impression. The headphones come with a nice, compact protective case. It also comes with multiple different size ear fins and ear tips. After selecting the correct size, I┬ápaired them instantaneously to my phone. The pairing process is becoming quicker and quicker these days. I am very impressed with the sound quality. For a pair of bluetooth…

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Tayogo Waterproof Mp3 Headset Music Player

As my first pair of swimming headphones, I must say I am impressed with these. I was a little skeptical about “swimming headphones”. I didn’t know what to think about them. They would be amazing to use while swimming, because it gets boring after a few laps. I kept thinking these will not sound good when my ears are under water and how can headphones be waterproof to the degree that you can swim with…

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