10000mAh Dual USB Ports Solar Charger

I got this portable charger to use for my road trip. I have been using it prior to my trip so far and it’s been great. It was packaged really nicely and professionally. I love that it comes with a micro USB cable as well so that you can charge its battery. It comes with a carabiner which you can connect and use to clip onto a backpack. This is good for charging via the solar panel, or if your backpack is full and you don’t have room for it. It is waterproof and shockproof, so you don’t have to worry about it being on the outside of your backpack. It also comes with a suction cup mount which is used for mounting onto a window to charge via the solar panel. I have just been leaving it attached to my window (kinda fun to leave it there and wait for the sun to hit it). This power bank has two USB inputs, which means you can charge two devices at once. At 10000mah you don’t have to worry and can fully charge two devices simultaneously and still have extra battery after full charge. The one issue I had with this is that its output is 1A. I am used to charging with fast charge and it is a little annoying to use this because it doesn’t charge super fast. This does not affect the product, just personal preference of having fast charge so that I can be full quicker. However I will still use this and the charge speed is not a game changer.

10000mAh Dual USB Ports Solar Charger

10000mAh Dual USB Ports Solar Charger








        • Dual USB ports
        • Solar panel


        • Slow charge