LIKEA Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is exactly as they said it would be. It comes precharged in the box and ready to go. It syncs very easily to your phone. Compared to its size, the speaker has really loud volume. At full volume the sound is still crystal clear. This was surprising to me because of the price of the speaker. It is a relatively cheap speaker and it works as good as more expensive ones. It is also waterproof. It still works after being used in the shower. The battery lasts a long time; enough for multiple hours of music(with loud volume!). It has a built in carabiner which is perfect for attaching to a backpack or any other bag. This speaker is built with strong materials and will last drops. It also comes with fm radio. Anywhere you go you can search for channels and it will save those fm channels. You can then skip through to find one you like. Lastly, the reason why I did not give it five stars. The buttons are hard to press. You have to press exactly the middle of the button with the tip of your finger. When using a portable speaker you use the buttons on the speaker more than the buttons on your phone to change songs/volume. Overall it is a great speaker and the buttons do not take away from the quality of the sound or physical strength.



I took this speaker on my kayak, I did not flip, nor did the speaker get submerged under water. The speaker got wet and kept turning off/on. It kept going off and on for the next day until the battery died. Finally, when I put it to charge again, it started making funny sounds. I let it be another few days and next time I put it to charge it wouldn’t turn on at all. BEWARE this speaker is not as waterproof as it seems. You can use it in the shower and poolside with no problem, but if you want something that you can take on a boat this is not the right product for that.

LIKEA Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

LIKEA Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker








        • Great quality sound
        • Water resistant
        • Long battery life


        • Buttons are hard to press
        • Died after getting too wet