Smatree S8 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

These headphones were great right out of the box. I was impressed with the beautiful packaging and the content in the box. I opened it and first thing I saw was the headphones. Very simple design, also resembles the Beats Powerbeats. Underneath was the carrying/charging case with wires and extra earbuds. This is the first pair of bluetooth headphones that I’ve seen which comes with its own carrying case that doubles as a charger. The carrying case is a great, compact size and can be stored in your backpack. The good thing about this case is that it has a built in 1500mAh battery. This can charge and recharge the headphones for at least 1-2 weeks, depending on how much you use the headphones.

The headphones themselves are also great. As soon as I turned them on I was happy with them. Very easy to operate: power/play/pause button, volume up/next song button, and volume down/previous song button. Thats it! Nothing extra to worry about. The sound quality is perfect. I’ve been listening to different types of music and everything sounds good with these headphones. You can also make it loud and it will still be crisp and clear. To top all that, these headphones are IPX7 waterproof. This means you can sweat on it, wear it in the rain, clean it with a wet cloth and nothing will happen. Plus the battery lasts about a day or so. One thing I did not enjoy about these headphones is that the hook which goes around the ear is too big. I have a few other pairs of headphones with a hook and they all sit behind my ear. For some reason this one seems like it was made for people with big ears. I haven’t been able to wear them without thinking about the hook moving around.

Overall I am happy with the quality and sound of these headphones. I would continue using them for basic daily activities(like a train ride) but I would probably stick to my other headphones for sports/working out. I do not want to risk these falling out of my ear.

Smatree S8 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Smatree S8 Bluetooth Sports Headphones








        • Great sound
        • Charging case


        • Hook behind ear is too big