Team Men’s Genuine Leather Waterproof Work Boots

Overall these are great quality shoes. Te size runs big; so get half a size smaller at least. I usually wear 8.5/9, so I figured 8.5 would be good since it says runs big. It is still too big for me, so get something half a size smaller than anything you fit in. The shoes are really nice and heavy duty. They have a steel toe which is perfect for boots. You can do whatever you want with a steel toe and your toes will stay safe. However, you can feel the steel toe from inside when sliding your foot in, but once you’re in it gets less annoying. It is padded all around and very comfortable to wear. The high ankle is filled with padding and makes wearing a boot a lot more comfortable. They are also waterproof and stay clean after getting wet in the rain. You can wear these boots for any purpose and they look good.

Team Men's Genuine Leather Waterproof Work Boots

Team Men's Genuine Leather Waterproof Work Boots








        • Great material
        • Super comfortable


        • Size runs large(between half a size and one size too large)
        • Steel toe can be felt from inside