TELESIN 6″ T03 Dome

I got this dome for my Hero 3 and I love it. It’s built with such precision and great quality. It is easy to use and simple to set up. It comes with an optional trigger, but you don’t have you use it. Especially when wanting to use it for selfies, the trigger makes it hard to use. The angle of the stick can’t be fixed to be used for a selfie when using the trigger. I realized the camera gets too close to you with the trigger, but if you take the trigger off it sits straighter to the stick and is a little farther from your face. When taking pictures you should use the guide line that’s on the back to center the lens on the edge of the water. It is pretty simple to do. When taking a selfie, you can use the center screws to line up with the water. They thought of both ways when building the dome. If your camera is lined up with the guided line, your pictures will come out 99% perfect. The other 1% is when the water is moving too much and the wave is not exactly centered. It also floats.
The dome itself can float, and the stick floats as well, so you have 100% safety when letting go of it in the water. The stick is the perfect length for a dome. It is big enough to hold, and also small enough to pack. There’s also a wrist strap that you can connect for extra safety.
The dome comes with a cover that you can, and should, put on when not using it. This cover keeps the dome from getting scratches and potentially breaking if it bangs into anything.
They also provide you with a cell phone mount, but I don’t see a use for this if you’re going to be putting the dome in the water (which is the only reason you’d use it). You can test with your phone before you go in the water and look at the pictures after on the app, but I wouldn’t put my phone on the dome when in the water.
If you don’t have the app, it’s kind of annoying to turn the camera on/off. You have to turn on before putting in in the dome, and wait to turn it off until the dome dries up. If you use the app, you can connect with wifi and turn the camera off whenever you want. You can also change settings on the app, whereas the dome itself doesn’t show you the screen of the camera. Which makes it annoying to use if you don’t have the app.
Overall, this dome is great and I will continue having fun with it. There’s a few little things that they can change, but it’s good enough to buy now.

TELESIN 6" T03 Dome Port with Pistol Trigger + Dome Cover Bag+Anti-fog Inserts for Go Pro Hero 4 3 3+ GoPro Case Accessories---Orange









        • Great dome
        • Easy to hold grip


        • No access to buttons once GoPro is inside